Sunday, April 4, 2010

SOCA is back!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Petunjuk pelaksanaan SOCA resmi dari MERDU FK Unpad

(Medical Education Research and Development Unit)


OSOCA is objective student oral case analysis alias ujian lisan.
The objective of conducting OSOCA is assessing the comprehensive concept of a case.
The students are expected to analyze the case by explaining problems and its basic mechanism; rationale diagnosis, and therapy applying underlying basic sciences. (Including BHP, PHOP and CRP for batch 2008) *2006 ada nilai untuk BHP juga*

Kasus yang diujikan adalah semua kasus yang muncul (bahkan ada juga yg tidak pernah muncul) selama tutorial satu tahun ajaran. Banyaknya bisa lebih dari 30 kasus yang harus dihapalkan dan dipahami untuk bekal ujian yang kita tidak tahu satu kasus apa yang akan diujikan untuk kita, tentu saja. Dan yang paling penting: NO OPEN BOOK--even a note-- before and at the time you're having SOCA. Untuk teknis SOCA silakan baca dipostingan saya setahun yang lalu ;)

Oh ya, SOCA tahunan itu berlaku untuk angkatan 2007 sampai 2004 di UNPAD. Mulai angkatan 2008 SOCA diujikan setiap semester.

Items should be explained (in 20 minutes-red):
Start with describing mind mapping of the case (describing the correlations of one problem/condition to another: cause-effect relationships); checklist should accordance to any aspects that revealed from the mind mapping.

1. General case review: (score 5)
a. Explain the correlation of the main problem (diagnosis) with other conditions of the patient including etiology and/risk factors and/predisposing factors.
- Bacterial meningitis as complication of otitis media perforates (in the case describing otitis media perforates and bacterial meningitis)
- Ischemic stroke with age, hypertension and hyperlipidemia as the risk factors (or any conditions that are mentioned in the case). If the affected vascular or part of the brain is mentioned then the student should also analyzed it.
b. Basis/criteria diagnosis using clinical interpretation of problems; including ways to rule out differential diagnosis (only those are mentioned in the case), including basis in the classification or types or affected structure, for exp. affected artery or part of the brain in stroke.

2. Basic sciences involved (20-35)
Explain/describe basic sciences being disturbed or affected in pathogenesis and pathophysiology.
- Motoric pathway in paralysis
- Blood pressure regulation in hypertension
- Vascularisation in disease that spreads hematogenous
- Acid-base balance regulation and histology of renal tubule in acidosis due to CRF; acid-base balance regulation and urine production/GFR in acidosis due to prerenal ARF. Different pathomechanism of the same problem leading to different basic sciences expected to be explained.
- Characteristic causing agent regarding morphology, structure/s of microorganism that play role in pathogenicity and virulence)

3. Pathogenesis: (10-20)
Explain the mechanism result in the disease and alteration structures that is showed in supporting examination such as radiology, pathology anatomy and others (if any)

4. Pathophysiology: (20-30)
Explain each mechanism results in all signs and symptoms including those revealed in laboratory examination.

5. Management: (5-10)
a. The principles (the purpose/s and the benefits) of non-pharmacological management including medical rehabilitation, prevention, patient education and others.
b. The principles/rationale approach of pharmacological management including the purpose/reason on drug selection.

6. Complication: (5)
Explain the mechanism result in the complication (if it mentioned in the case)

7. Prognosis: (5)
The reason of either good or poor prognosis

8. BHP (5 for 1 SKS)

9. PHOP (5)

10. CRP (5)

11. Student Performance (10)

Semangat! Banyak banget kasus di tahun ke 4!

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