Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I took the CHANCE!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Someone -i dont know who --said wisely: Don’t worry about failures, worry about all the chances you miss. Then several days later, I got a message: a chance to become one of faculty delegations. Simposium Nasional KBK dan Internship: Perkembangan Pendidikan dan Keprofesian Kedokteran Indonesia. 
27 September 2010 “Who wants to go to Padang?” Me! “Who wants to know more about Internship & KBK?” Me! “...And if the event is held in your first day clerkship, do you keep on going?“ ...rRrRmmmh... I was thinking for a quite short time. It's like you're dying, getting tachycardia, shortness of breath: practically live or dead.. *uh, ur too much, Intan You know, it’s your first time going to Padang.. It's a chance.. Right.., to gain more info about internship with all the advantages and the disadvantages.. it's a chance.. It'll be my batch the first participation in internship program! Besides, it's also your first time in clerkship! You don’t even have slightest ideas of what you'll do in hospital, to the patient, your homework, the regulations,, no experience at aaalll :(( I was worried, yes I was... I wanted to take the chance, yes I did. Hwaaaaa.... Gambling or tawakal.. I wished I could do both but, of course I couldn’t.. I thought, “I’ll go if Allah wants me to go purposively, though..” Bismillah, I replied the message and I took the chance. I wrote down a motlet as a requirement of the selection Finally.. PADAAAAANGGGGG I'm comiiiingggg! Dont think of travelling around.. I doubt -_-ll 

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